Furniture Removal: Preparing Your Leather Sofas for Transportation

If you are planning on moving your leather sofas to a storage unit or your new home, you should be diligent in your preparation practices. In general, leather furniture is expensive, and its damage during transportation can cause you significant financial losses. Also, it is important to remember that leather is susceptible to degradation when exposed to adverse conditions. Typically, wooden, plastic, fabric and metal furniture can survive in relatively harsh environments. However, leather will show signs of deterioration if left vulnerable to external elements. Therefore, you should make sure that you have prepared and protected your leather sofas sufficiently before the removal process. Here are some practical guidelines to help you get the best results. 

Disassemble the Couch

You should check your leather sofa and determine whether it can be disassembled. Some pieces of furniture are made as single units which cannot be separated. However, if you have a long or uniquely-shaped couch, you might be able to divide it into sections or modules. Also, in some cases, the legs fitted beneath the furniture are removable. You should not overlook the importance of disassembly at any level. In general, this process will make the handling of the leather furniture less cumbersome. Consequently, the risk of damage will be significantly lowered. If you unscrew removable legs, you should remember to store all the parts in sealed and labelled bags.

Clean and Dry the Leather

You should clean the leather furniture during the preparation process for the move. In general, proper cleaning of the surfaces will eliminate dust and spills, preventing these materials from settling on the couch and ruining its aesthetic appeal. Also, most cleaning products are designed to condition the leather. Therefore, you will minimise the risk of the sofa developing cracks due to leather brittleness. Additionally, you should make sure that there is no moisture on the leather before the move. Water tends to soak into leather, and the damage to the sofa can be extensive. 

Wrap Up the Sofa

Finally, you should wrap the leather sofa correctly before moving it from your home and into your moving truck. The wrapping will protect the surfaces of the furniture from scratches during the removal process. Often, leather surfaces sustain scratches and scuffs because of the mechanical stress of handling and maneuvering the large item through tight spaces. If a loose-fitting sheet or blanket is used to cover the sofa, you can move the furniture with ease. You should remember not to use plastic sheeting because it will suffocate the leather. 

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