Three Tips To Increase Your Chance Of A House Sale Over Christmas

Christmas is the time of blaring sun, too much food and hanging in the pool. However, for some people, it is also an ideal time to take advantage of the six weeks the kids are off school to relocate between old and new homes, so the children are starting in a better school district the following year. You want to sell your property now so you can achieve this move before February, but the silly season shenanigans may hinder your selling efforts. Use these tips to increase your odds of a quick sale this December.

Keep the house cool

The temperature is starting to rise across Australia as summer heat starts to bite, and prospective buyers are going to be put off walking into a hot oven atmosphere in a warm house. If you have air conditioning, say bah humbug to the electricity cost and have it running before and during the open home, so that your property beckons like a cool oasis. If you don't have air conditioning, purchase a couple of floor fans to move the air around and make it less stuffy inside. The longer prospective buyers remain inside the home, the better the chance of them making an offer.

Declutter as much as you can

Christmas cards on the mantle and nativity scenes in the foyer are both wonderful ways to embrace the Christmas spirit, but too much holiday decoration in the home leads to a cluttered feeling which makes the home feel smaller. Ask your real estate agent for their advice on how you can scale down your festive decorations to strike that right balance of holiday decorating which is not overwhelming. A prospective buyer needs to be able to imagine how their belongings will look in your home, so present them with a minimal canvas so they can envisage it.

Be open to negotiation

To have a quick sale at this time of year you need to be open to offers. If you have a set price in mind which you are not willing to budge on, then you must be prepared for the property to be on the market a little longer than you want. December is a time when people are short on time and patience due to the increased amount of responsibilities they have to get through before Christmas vacation starts impacting on their lives. So, be flexible with your price and listen to your real estate agent's advice when an offer is presented.

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